Washroom Supplies


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Bleach (5 litre drum)

Strong bleach used for many cleaning purposes.

Flash All-purpose cleaner

Multi surface Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner. 750ml ready-to-use spray bottle.

Disinfectant (5 litre drum)

Lime or Pine. Effective disinfectant for washroom cleaning. Kills bacteria. Safe on all surfaces.

SLANT6 Urinal Screen

The all new Slant6 screen from P-Wave® is another huge step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology.

Toilet Cleaner / Descaler
(1 litre bottle)

Removes lime scale from stainless steel and other washable surfaces. Thickened to cling to vertical surfaces.

Floor Cleaner (5 litre drum)

Effective and quick acting. Removes stubborn soiling. Safe on all washable surfaces.

Channel Blocks - Royal Flush (3kg buckets of blocks)

These contain a strong fragrance. Ideal for all types of urinals.

Giant Kleenmist Aerosol 750ml

A high pressure, super strength handheld spray for instant odour control and lasting fresh fragrance.

Toilet Tissue

(Various sizes)

Facial Tissue

(36 boxes per case)

Hand Towels

(Various sizes)

Pink Pearl Soap (5 litre drum)

Luxurious, creamy lather, Thorough cleansing action, Contains moisturiser to protect skin, Attractive pearl liquid with a refreshing fragrance

Hand Dryer 2300W, Brushed S/S

Effective 2300W power consumption

Hand Dryer 2300 W

Effective 2300W power consumption, High speed 5,800 RPM motor

Hand Dryer 1000W

Contemporary design, Reduced 1000W power draw

Hand Dryer 1600W

Reduced 1600W power draw, High speed 18,000 RPM motor

Air Fresheners