Kitchen Hygiene

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Food-safe Cleaner / Degreaser (5 litre drum)

Cuts through grease and removes ingrained soilage. Ideal in kitchen, fast food, meat industry etc.

Food-safe Sanitiser
(5 litre drum)

Kills bacteria and removes soiling from all surfaces. Unperfumed and non-tainting. Ideal for the food industry.

Oven Cleaner (5 litre drum)

Removes baked on grease and carbon, Thickened, clings to vertical surfaces for better cleaning, Suitable for interior of enamelled ovens and surfaces, griddles and cast iron hobs, Low odour formula

Fairy Liquid (In 5 or 20 litre drums)

Contract wash-up liquid. Available in Lemon or Antibacterial

Rinse Aid (5 litre or 20 litre drums)

Promotes rapid drying. Eliminates spotting and streaking. Leaves crockery and glassware clean and bright.

Dishwash Powder (10kg bucket)

High quality, low foam. For use in all types of automatic dishwasher machines.

Jeyes Destain Powder

35% hydrogen peroxide destainer for use in on premise laundries Safe bleaching action to maintain fabric whiteness and colour brightness Removes wine, fruit juice, coffee, tea and other stains

Deepio Box (6KG)

Handle all your kitchen grease problems with one-product detergent! Highly effective for degreasing kitchen floors, work surfaces, walls, kitchen equipment, cookers, hoods, fryers, pots, pans, utensils and table ware. Suitable for food contact surfaces