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Flying Insect Prevention (1 year warranty)

Flying Insect Zapper. 16 watts. Ideal for the smaller size kitchen, café etc. Easy to install.

Flying Insect Prevention (1 year warranty)

Flying Insect Zapper. 30 watts. Powerful machine for larger establishments. Stainless steel finish. Easy to install.

Aerosol Dispenser 100ml

The perfect solution for washrooms where space is an issue or where a discreet solution is required...

Flying Insect Prevention

Chain curtain. An extra barrier to prevent flying insects from entering critical hygiene areas

Aerosol for Dispenser

A comprehensive range of your favourite fragrances, offering an evocative fragrance for every application.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Jumbo Toilet roll dispensers for all three sizes - maxi, midi and mini. Bulk Pack. Interleaved tissue system. Can be topped-up before running out. SmartOne. Hygienic unit for single sheet dispensing giving improved cost control. Tough and durable.

Soap Dispenser

Several variations for different systems, including liquid, spray and foam refills. Very economical in use. Automatic soap dispenser. A touch-free system. Sensors detect hands and release a measured amount. Helps to prevent cross-contamination. Ideal for antibacterial soap and hand gel / sanitiser.

Hand Towels Dispenser

Folded paper. Each sheet is folded into the preceding one for individual sheet by sheet dispensing. Suitable for all hand drying areas. Centrefeed. Reliable and easy solution for kitchen areas. Different coloured rolls - blue for food or medical areas - white for general use. Blue paper is ideal for use in areas dedicated to food preparation.